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U.S Congress Proposes To Dismantle Major Tech Companies (Google, Facebook, Amazon, And Apple)

Today, we all rely on those major tech companies in our daily life? So if you are looking for the nearest ATM, you will go to Google search, then go to the directions, which opens the Google Maps application automatically. The same thing applies if you are looking for a product on the Internet, it will most likely take you to one of the Amazon sites.

The same goes for Facebook, which we open in the morning to browse the latest local and international news, and even friends and family news! Then we go to WhatsApp - also owned by Facebook - to respond to family's morning message, or visit Instagram to get our daily dose of inspirational photos!

We do it all through smartphones and tablet devices, or in other words through Apple and Google. Today we have become in a closed circle between a group of companies that can be count on the fingers of one hand, and it seems that Americans do not like this situation and want to dismantle those major technology companies.

This story didn't start today. Former US presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren announced in March 2019 that she intended to dismantle major tech companies because of their monopolistic practices that eliminate potential competitors before their star. Then, she accused the US administration of lacking the courage to confront the tech giants in June 2019.

Elizabeth Warren did not advance in the presidential election, but in June of last year, a