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Google Thinks About Protecting Android Users From Tracking Apps Similar To What Apple Does

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

During the past year, the privacy of users and their protection from tracking was one of the main controversial points in the technical field, as it started with Apple announcing changes to the transparency policies required of applications, which would require these applications to authorize users to be able to collect their main information. Facebook was the refusal. The biggest thing is that its entire business is based on tracking users and gathering information about them for use in personalizing ads.

What is interesting now is that Google is planning to launch a similar feature on the Android system, as there are reports that the company will ensure a similar feature that forces apps to be more transparent with users about the information they collect and gives them the option to turn off or activate tracking when using apps.

The strange thing is that Google is one of the worst in the field. In fact, it tracks users more than any other company and has tremendous access to their personal information and preferences, whether through its many web services or even the Android system that the company provides for free in order to deliver its applications to a greater number of users and collect their information.

Currently, it is not clear whether Google will apply this policy to other applications available through its store only, or whether its applications and services will be covered by the order as well. But if the policy is only applied to other applications, this will undoubtedly cause great controversy in terms of double standards and an attempt to monopolize tracking users and collecting their data.



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