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Facebook breathes a sigh of relief after Apple's new decision

Apple announced that a planned change to the iPhone operating system which could affect how Facebook and other mobile phone advertisers track it, will be delayed until early 2021.

And in June, Apple said: iPhone users, upon opening the app for the first time, would be given an option to allow the app to access the identifier associated with the device.

Advertisers use what is called an IDFA to better target ads to individual users and estimate how successful they are at work, and they expect most users to opt out of their participation.

Apple said: It's now planning to update the App Store rules with more information about policies for later this year, and it will give developers additional time to amend.

The tech giant made it clear in a blog to developers, it is committed to ensuring that users can choose whether or not to allow an application to track them.

"To give developers time to make the necessary changes,

applications will be required to obtain permission to track users starting early next year," she added.

The change is previously planned as a feature in iOS 14, which is the next iPhone operating system that will be released to the public this fall.

Lack of access to the device identifier could have major implications for mobile ads.

Facebook recently said it had seen an Audience Network publisher's earnings drop more than 50 percent after removing single targeting.

Apple identifies the change as an essential part of providing privacy protection for users, rather than an attack on the advertising industry.

It is also promoting its privacy features as the main reason to get an iPhone, including the new announcement released on Thursday.

By pushing the change, ad-supported app developers can find other ways to monetize their products.

Apple has its own ad measurement service called (SKAdNetwork), but it doesn't provide the amount of data or the level of details that advertisers seek.

Companies such as (LiveRamp) are adopting alternative methods for marketers to post targeted ads to consumers who log into the app with personal information, and this method is subject to separate privacy terms.

And based on the guidelines that Apple has provided so far, many developers and publishers have been left trying to figure out how they will continue the ad-supported effort with fewer data.

What are your concerns about data tracking? Do you find it spammy and privacy intruding, or you find it good and beneficial to receive ads relevant to your interests and needs?



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