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Do you know that Facebook Messenger has a Night Mode? Now, how can you activate it?

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

The set of easy steps you'll find below is a trick that will allow you to try the night mode in Messenger Facebook, which can completely change your experience.

Step 1: First, run Facebook Messenger on your iOS or Android device, allow it to download all your conversations and other details, then choose a conversation to work with.

Dark Mode Comparison for Facebook Messenger

Step 2: After entering that conversation, go to the Send a message window and click the icon that lets you choose between GIFs, emoji, or posters. This should appear as a smiley face icon on the right side of the text input field.

Step 3: Select the EMOJI option and scroll through the list of emoticons until you reach the Animals and Nature section, then select and send the Moon icon.

sending the moon icon to find dark mode settings

Step 4: Once you have sent this emoticon, you should see an animated image of the moon falling like rain from the top of the screen, followed by a notice as shown below. "I found the night mode!" Then press the Turn On Settings button and you will be taken to a page Settings. Here, just switch the night mode switch in Messenger to Facebook to run, and everything will be ready!

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