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Android Phones Can Now Detect Earthquakes

Few days ago, Google announced the launch of some new features for all Android phones - running Android 6 and any later - that allow users to have a better user experience, before launching the final version of Android 11. Where Google said: "It is working to develop new features to improve the experience of using billions of devices around the world." So the goal of these updates is to help make the things you do a little easier while reducing distractions.

One of the most important features is Earthquakes Detection.

Android phones around the world can now detect earthquakes using the Android Earthquake Alerts System, which creates the largest earthquake detection network in the world, as this will lead to faster and more accurate earthquake information.

Google described how the system works in its blog thus: All smartphones come with small accelerometers that can sense signals that indicate the possibility of an earthquake. And if the phone detects something that it thinks might be an earthquake, it sends the data to our earthquake detection server, along with rough information about the location of the shaking, which Google can use to determine exactly where the earthquake is occurring. Then it sends an alert to your Android device, which will give you a convenient time to find a suitable place for protection.

(Android Earthquake Alerts System) will be available for devices running Android 5.0 and later.



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