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All Apple revealed services in March Event 2019

After a week of almost daily updates and silent announcements of some of the company's products, Apple recently unveiled some new services that are clearly oriented towards artistic production and audiovisual services. Yesterday, it released news, TV and gaming services, just a week after the new Google Stadia platform Games.

Here is a summary of the services announced :

Apple News Plus

Apple has added magazines to the Apple News line with the Apple News Plus service, which will be available for a monthly subscription of $ 9.99, and will be available in the United States and Canada. The price includes the possibility of sharing the family and the first month free of charge for all. The Apple News Plus service offers magazines through a live presentation and interactive layout of covers, and in the bottom, it displays the most prominent stories of events and issues covered by magazines.

Upon launching the service, subscribers will have access to about 300 magazines. Digital news partners such as Wall Street and the Los Angeles Times have a share of these services as well. Apple is very concerned about the privacy issue, noting that advertisers can not follow what you read.

The new Apple Card

Apple is following Amazon by launching a new card, which can be tethered directly with iPhones, and once approved the card is digitally stored in the application of the wallet where you can view data and balance and dates of payments.

The application stores references to the sites you have payed to, in order to remind you of where you bought from using your Apple card. The card generates a new security code each time you buy with it. If you do not have a credit card number, signature or expiration date, you can create new ones.

The new Apple Card is supported by Goldman Sachs and Mastercard, and offers cash back rewards of 2% for those paid daily through your ApplePay account. You can make transactions through the application as well. According to Apple, there will be no late fees or interest rate increases if User defaults to pay.

Apple Arcade

iPhone haven't been noticeably present on the gaming map, but with the new Apple ARCADE service it will change a bit. Unlike the Google Stadia, the Apple service will be a subscription to games in the App Store.

The company did not disclose subscription fees, but says it will include more than 100 exclusive iOS games. You can also play games on other Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, Apple TV and Macs, and games will also work offline in case of unavailable Internet connection.

Apple TV Channels

The new Apple TV will focus on channels such as HBO, PBS, CBS and Acorn, and new Apple TV subscribers can choose the channels they want to subscribe to and pay per channel instead of a traditional bundle of cable companies. However, Apple did not mention any prices during the event.

The Apple TV application will receive a channel update in May. The app will also come to Mac this fall and will be available through Smart TVs, Rocco and Amazon FireTV, which starts this spring. Support and availability will be extended to more than 100 countries, but no launching time was mentioned.

Apple TV Plus

In addition to the new Apple TV channels, there is also an additional package for original programming. Apple has not announced the details of the service other than its name. The service will be available this autumn and many celebrities will appear in great shows such as Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Jason Momoa and others.



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