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All Apple revealed services in March Event 2019

After a week of almost daily updates and silent announcements of some of the company's products, Apple recently unveiled some new services that are clearly oriented towards artistic production and audiovisual services. Yesterday, it released news, TV and gaming services, just a week after the new Google Stadia platform Games.

Here is a summary of the services announced :

Apple News Plus

Apple has added magazines to the Apple News line with the Apple News Plus service, which will be available for a monthly subscription of $ 9.99, and will be available in the United States and Canada. The price includes the possibility of sharing the family and the first month free of charge for all. The Apple News Plus service offers magazines through a live presentation and interactive layout of covers, and in the bottom, it displays the most prominent stories of events and issues covered by magazines.

Upon launching the service, subscribers will have access to about 300 magazines. Digital news partners such as Wall Street and the Los Angeles Times have a share of these services as well. Apple is very concerned about the privacy issue, noting that advertisers can not follow what you read.

The new Apple Card