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LinkedIn Pages, is the new LinkedIn Product,with Powerful Management & Sharing Options.

LinkedIn has announced a revamp of its company Pages, adding in a range of new enhancements focused on making it easier to generate engagement and participate in relevant conversations from your business Page.

First off, LinkedIn's now fully integrated Page posting and management functionalities with its mobile app, so admins can maintain their company presence on the go.

Up till now, page management via mobile has been problematic, with various limitations in functionality - posting via mobile, for example, has been limited. Now, LinkedIn says, all of these options are accessible, giving you more ways to keep on top of your brand's LinkedIn performance and engagement.

In addition to this, LinkedIn also says that 'admins can now associate their Page with hashtags, so they can listen in and respond to conversations happening about their brand or relevant topics on LinkedIn.

Where that comes in particularly handy is in topic trends - LinkedIn has also added a new 'Content Suggestions' listing, which surfaces rising topics and content with your target audience on LinkedIn, based on hashtags. 

By associating your page with the relevant hashtags, you can keep tabs on such conversations, and stay on top of the latest news across the platform, helping you tap into those relevant to your business.

LinkedIn's also expanded its ways in which Page admins can share content, with the addition of document sharing in updates. 

"While admins have always had the ability to post images, native video and text to their LinkedIn Company Pages, they can now share documents, like PowerPoint presentations, Word Documents and PDFs to tell richer and more compelling brand stories."

That means you can share your latest white paper, or official announcement PDF, direct on your LinkedIn company page, providing more opportunity to keep your community informed on site.

LinkedIn's also looking to better facilitate employee advocacy, with new options to both discover and reshare your employees’ public LinkedIn posts from your Page.

How you feel about that will come down to the individual - you might not necessarily want your company to be re-sharing your posts, but the practical benefits make a lot of sense. Research shows that employees’ social posts can generate up to 8x more engagement than the same information when posted by their employers, and having the capacity to surface those, and re-share them, can help to give your company profile a boost, while also maximizing your page activity.

LinkedIn's also adding the ability for Pages to respond to and re-share any posts on LinkedIn where the company’s Page is mentioned, "like customer testimonials and product reviews". The tools provide expanded ways to help showcase positive conversation, and build more interest, and engagement, with the business.

Finally, LinkedIn is also opening up its third-party API access to enable more management of company pages from outside tools. One of those tools is  - with this new integration, admins will now be able to receive notifications within Hootsuite whenever there's activity on their LinkedIn Page. 

LinkedIn's also partnered with Crunshbase to include funding insights and key investors on LinkedIn Pages, "giving LinkedIn members a more comprehensive understanding of a company’s business profile".

These are some interesting innovations and additions, and while they might not necessarily 'change the game' on LinkedIn, they certainly provide new considerations to help build and enhance your company presence on the platform.

And there's plenty of reason why you might want to do so - within the announcement, LinkedIn also notes that there are now more than 590 million active LinkedIn members, up from the 575 million the company reported back in August. LinkedIn also says that more than 2 million posts, videos and articles are posted to LinkedIn feeds every day, part of what parent-company Microsoft recently reported as 'record levels of engagement' on the platform.

It may not be as innovative or quick to jump onto trends as other platforms, but LinkedIn remains a key tool for many organizations, and these enhancements will help businesses solidify and improve their presence on the professional social network. 


from Social Media Today



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