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Instagram Launches "NAMETAGS"

Have you been following the latest Instagram news?

Sharing with you NAMETAGS, a recent feature that enables easy, quick and relevant following process.

by Adespresso

It’s been a little while since QR codes were all the rage, and now Instagram has launched their own less-QR-y version of the same principle.

Their new Nametags feature allows users to create personalized “nametags” that can be scanned by other users within the Instagram app.

The goal here is to make it easier for users to connect and reduce the need to go through long searches.

Nametags can be a big asset to brands looking to grow their followings on Instagram (which is almost all of them).

Especially since your nametag does not have to live only within your Instagram app– I tested the theory myself.

You can take a screenshot of it and post it on your site, on social media, in email marketing campaigns written with the goal of increasing followers, and even in printouts in store.

Share them everywhere, and if you have a brick-and-mortar store, place them somewhere users are most likely to see them, such as by the checkout.

Ana Gotter



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