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“Arrows Creative Agency " is a creative hub specialized in different sectors of media work since more than 13 years, known as “Arrows Productions Prime Studios”. In the early beginnings, it used to do international audio projects like dubbings, recordings, voice overs and audio books, for widespread projects all over the continents. Then, in 2010, we stepped into video world through creative minds and skilled people, and started to produce high quality and distinguished jobs like some music videos and remarkable tv series, where we were mentioned as the first company to produce an arabic tv series with a cinematic look and feel, where it was shot entirely with the innovative DSLR by then, the Canon 5D Mark-2.

Stepping into a new phase, advertising impacts and marketing strategies became our main concern, and we got into the market with defined goals and trusted techniques, while believing that concepts, designs, copyrights and taglines, storyboards, directing treatments, set designs, cinematography arts and music compositions, in addition to well crafted campaigns and focused marketing strategies, should all be fused together to hold the brand to the optimal community engagement and consumers loyalty, leading to well ranked selling records, where comes the phase of distribution plans and propagating the whole product through every available media platform. Then we created the Digital and Social Media Marketing department with its full bundle providing:


  • Creative Concepts & Designs

  • Planning

  • Digital Tools

  • Social Media & Google Ads implementations

  • Branded Content

  • Production Services (audio, video, graphics, visuals...)


Back to our creativity, "Arrows Creative Agency" is a young spirit in a workaholic body, looking for stunning artistic jobs through creative concepts and new ideas, that provide trendy and attractive life style impact, of our clients' products, on the consumers mass. We are somehow new as a production house in the advertising world, but on skills level, our team has more than 19 years of freelanced experience in doing creative designs, digital marketing, photography, commercials, music videos, documentaries and feature films, as well as the biggest TV shows and programs. This experience was acquired through working with American and European experts in the field, in addition to regional and local brilliant directors, cinematographers and producers.

Today, our complete services departments include:

  • Advertising Agency

  • Marketing Solutions

  • Production House

  • Post-Production Boutique

  • Digital & Social Media Marketing

  • Web & Mobile Apps Creation


 We are extremely concerned in the Era of communication and visual impression that is hugely evolving, knowing that video is ranking high today among other mediums, and this is the craft we’ve been mastering for long years.


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